I have been painting for as long as I can remember. My style of choice is sumi-e. Sumi-e is an East Asian type of brush painting. It is also known as wash painting, developed in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The subject matter of traditional sumi-e usually consists of bamboo, orchids, mountains and cranes. However, my subject matter is more eastern focusing primarily on people and portraiture. I usually work from photographs, especially for comissioned work. I create a rough sketch to get proportions and placement correct then begin the wash painting. Sometimes, I intergrate the computer into the painting process, either creating a collage to paint (example here) or integrating text into the actual painting (example here and here) . In both of these cases the computer serves as a preliminary step, for experimenting and quickly making the revisions. Once the painting is completed I "sign" the piece. A Chinese seal is a seal or stamp containing Chinese characters used in East Asia to prove identity on documents, contracts, art, or similar items where authorship is considered important. Once again rather than use chinese characters I created a symbol, made up of my initials. I had the symbol custom carved into a soap stone chop.

Wow Jon!!! I am super impressed. You are the best! Thank you so much, I know I will treasure it forever!
— Saya R.