I do commissioned paintings of pretty much any subject, family, pets, celebrities, etc. Simply send a high resolution jpeg of the image you would like a painting of. Paintings are created 100% by hand using sumi-e bamboo brushes on high-quality illustration board.

Pricing is based on the amount of subjects in the portrait and the size of the final piece. A "subject" could be a person, an animal, or an object that is the main focus of the piece. For example, a girl with her dog counts for two subjects. Obviously, painting a family of 8 is more complex and difficult than painting one child.

Please email me with the photo you would like painted (or a description of it) and the size you would like the painting to be. If there are any tweaks or edits you would like made to the photo please include it in your email. For example. something in the background could be omitted or multiple images can be combined into one image. Please contact me if you would like a hand painted portrait of your loved one!

Note: the prices above are for personal commissions. For editorial and advertising (ads, posters, promotional purposes) please email for price.

I can’t thank you enough for the painting. It was a big hit with everyone, even the 14 year old thought you nailed it. And that is high praise from someone who is constantly looking at every blemish and tan line on her body.
— Cory F.